Days 29 – 30 Venice

There’s a Monty Python ‘Travelogue’ called ‘Away From It All’ (here it is on youtube) that was released as a curtain raiser for Life of Brian that has a bit about Venice – it has a bit like this:

And so back to Venice, Queen of the Adriatic, here certainly we have peace and tranquility and more of those f*cking gondolers. We need more of those like we need a hole in the head

So I’ve always wanted to go to Venice. However…

I reckon Venice is another one of those places that would be a nice place to visist if it wasn’t for the tourists. Never have I felt more claustrophobic than I did near the Bridge of Sighs and San Marco Piazza. There was a couple of ginormous cruise ships in town, including the Queen Victoria and they spewed all of their guests into Venice in tour groups, who walked around like no-one else was there.  In the end Louise and I decided to find some of the less crowded areas of Venice so we caught the Vaporetto (water bus) back to where we we staying and found a lovely Piazza not far from our hotel and decided that this was much nicer than the major tourist spots – Campo San Magherita.

I guess I’d better post some pics.

In the end Louise and I were pretty happy to be getting on the ferry for Pula. OR SO WE THOUGHT…

(Stay tuned)

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