Days 26 – 28 Grado

Louise has spoken a lot about here visit to Grado 2 years ago and how beautiful it is, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s been a highlight of the trip so far…

We booked into the Hotel Savoy, along with about a million German/Austrians and went straight to the pool – it’s still hot and had a poolside lunch accompanied by the biggest beer I’ve had so far – a 1 litre stein of beer. That’s how the germans roll.

The following morning we walked a short distance into the main shopping area and cashed up. If you think australian ATM fees are steep, how about 3.50euros to get a couple of hundred euros out! Sheesh!

Louise did her best to boost the local economy again and bought more clothes. She will be the best dressed person in Geelong this summer.

During out time in Grado, Louise and I did most of our exploring by bicycle.  I don’t think I actually believed that Louise would ride a bike, but credit where credit’s due, she was quite proficient, although she did nothing to assuage my fears by falling off about a minute into her first ride when she decided to practice before I was ready. Other than a dent in her pride there was no damage done and after quick seat adjustment and putting the chain back on the spokes, we were on our way. Thankfully there were lots of bike paths and we only had to venture out into mad italian traffic on a couple of occasions.

We ventured deep into Grado Vecchio (Old Grado) and looked up Calle Tognon and Calle Lunga where Louise’s Dad was born and raised before emigrating to Australia. Grado Vecchio is beautiful and I’m not sure the pictures do it justice. We had pizza on a park bench for dinner one night (I love that you can buy pizza by the slice – especially since we didn’t have  a fridge and couldn’t eat the cold leftovers for breakfast (@soopofficial).

Also during our stay in Grado, we caught up with Louise’s Zia Santina (Rino’s Cousin) she cooked us every kind of fish in the Adriatic Sea, including canocchie (prawns are a poor cousin to canocchie), rombo fish and a beautiful delicate-flavoured zucchini risotto. No dinner that night – thankfully we were able to shed a few calories on the bike ride home.

We also had an fantastic dinner with Massimo and Sarah, their daughters Lucia and Anna and Georgio and Lizzi (another cousin of Rino). 

I know this blog is starting seem a bit like a gastronomers tour of Italy, but many of our memorable moments seem to revolve around food.  On our last night in Grado, Louise and I had dinner at a tiny little restaurant in Grado Vecchio and had Risotto Vongole (like pippies) which was also beautifully prepared and tasted unbelievably good.

Note: we ran into a few people in Grado who remember Rino – he is known in Grado as Nino Riso (should be Riccio – Curly).

More photos here:

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