Day 6 & 7- Cobh, Kinsale and Cahersiveen


Jack, our wonderful Irish guide took us to Cobh to view the Heritage Centre. Cobh was the last stop for the Titanic and the Heritage Centre had some great Titanic memorabilia that Louise just lapped up. We also got a quick tour around town before we dropped Jack at home and said a temporary goodbye to Jack.


Stopped at Kinsale on the way to Co. Kerry and had lunch. We think it was a pretty town, except for the driving rain that made our short stay a tad uncomfortable. Decided to pull some cash from an ATM only to find the Bank of Ireland (The. Bank. Of. Ireland. no less) didn’t like the taste of Louise’s pink Visa card. The next bank we tried was fine so we had some lunch in a lovely cafe and then set Google maps to take us to Cahersiveen. This little adventure deserves it’s own H2…

The trip to Cahersiveen.

I am not sure how it happened but the trip to Cahersiveen was quite eventful. Google maps took us down some VERY dodgy ‘L’ roads for miles and miles and miles. L roads are so narrow that you occassionally have to back up to let cars past, anyhow we finally made it onto a decent motorway and I tell you, if it hadn’t een for Louise helping me keep an eye on our speed, what gear I was in and providing generally sound advice as to how to drive the f*&#ing car, we would never have found our way out.  Yes, Louise we should have bought a f*&%ing road atlas. Yes, Louise google maps doesn’t work everywhere. We could easily have ended up in Brigadoon if it wasn’t for her calm demeanour and sound advice.

<Insert Louise’s right-of-reply here>


We finally arrived at our destination – the Final Furlong AirBnB.

…which was an absolute delight with a fantastic view out the back…

We also managed to meet Jack and Eimer and Michael for a lovely dinner at the Ring of Kerry Hotel in Caheersiven. (more pints)

Home to the Final Furlong for a well earned rest.

The following day, (after a fairly awkward shower in which I nearly lost a fairly important piece of my anatomy – let’s just say that the shower was small) our awesome guide, Jack met us far earlier than he likes to get out of bed normally and took us on a great tour of the ring of Kerry, which included catching the ferry to Valentia Island and showed us the slate quarry which included amazing views and an extraordinary Virgin Mary grotto built into the cliff face about 30m above the entrance to the quarry (to keep the miners safe)

Next it was off to the Geokaun mountains for another amazing view of the Fogher cliffs and our first view of the Skelligs (made famous in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) – and then onto Portmagee for lunch (obligatory burger for Peter). Boats leave Portmagee for day trips to Skellig Michael where people can climb to the top and pretend to be Rey handing Luke Skywalker his light sabre. However, it was quite clear that it’s not for the faint-hearted.  There were many warnings along the lines of:

It is quite steep and there are no hand rails. People have died
The steps can be very slippery. People have died

Louise decided that I would be too much of a wus to attempt such a trek, so we had an ice-cream instead.

We went in search of the famed (?) Co. Kerry Chocolate factory after lunch, but it failed to materialise (Brigadoon-like). So we ended up visiting xx and yy

before another trip up the side of a mountain at Kells Bay to visit Orla’s cousin Denise who owns the most beautiful slate cottage (house) with a view to die for. Voila!


Homemade scones and jam for supper, then home for another battle with the micro-shower before bed.

We packed a lot into this day!



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