Things I Learned in Croatia.

  1. Despite decades of upheaval and having had 4 different nationalities (Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Yugoslavian and Croation in 100 years, Istrians are indefatigable and immensely proud of their Istrian heritage.
  2. Louise’s ancestors endured incredible hardships and were incredibly brave to escape from communist Yugoslavia after the 2nd world war (and settle in Australia)
  3. Istrians celebrate everything. (Beer festivals, truffle festivals, cheese festivals, blues festivals)
  4. The Adriatic Sea is beautiful and you can swim in autumn
  5.  Pula is about 3,000 years old and has incredible Roman monuments and architecture
  6. The food is as good as it is in Italy
  7. The cost of living, although everything is relative to wages, is low.
  8. I’ll be back.

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