The last week.

Caught the FrecciaRossa (RedArrow) back to Milan and Zia Romana’s Apartment. Louise and I are getting to be public transport experts in Italy and Milan.

This is our last week of holidays and our 10 days in Ireland seems a lifetime ago. We have essentially spent the week immersing our selves in Italian daily life – doing mundane things like taking Zia Romana’s car to the carwash, going to the Monday market in Rho (buying Proscuitto crudo, Scamorrza (smoked Mozarella) and the sweetest, juiciest Cantaloupes I have ever tasted), ordering coffee like locals, going to the Supermarket and sharing meals with Louise’s family. For me this cultural immersion is more rewarding than sightseeing (you’ve seen one old building, you’ve seen ’em all. Amiright?). Loved every minute of it – especially trying to wrap my toungue around the Italian language. Godamn those rolling Rs.

We decided to take a practice run to Piazza Febbraio where our Milanese cooking class will be on our last Saturday. Some difficulties in relation to my navigation skills created some tension in the Edwards camp (which way IS north?), but these were soon sorted out. <insert sheepish grin emoji>.

We followed this up with a visit to Corso Buenos Aries for retail therapy. Probably a bit high end for the likes of Louise and I – with every conceivable name-brand represented.  Ironically, Louise bought nothing and I walked away with a couple of shirts that were a bargain… A bit of a downer was the number of insistent beggars. Studiously ignoring them was not effective – and I always feel conflicted – are they really destitute?

Thursday saw Louise and I head off on a day trip to Como. No words for how beautiful it is. Louise was really looking forward to meeting George (Clooney), but he must have been having a nap. We settled for lunch in the Piazza – picking a Ristorante at random and then being blown away by the piatto di carne e formaggio per due. See below.


Here’s why we don’t take selfies:

Saturday finally arrived and Guido and Caroline decided to drive us to our Cooking class at Pizza Febbraio. We were greated by Clara from Cook in Milano . If you’re ever in Milan, I highly recommend this if you’re into cooking and food.  Just about the stand-out highlight of my holiday, and I can’t wait to get back into our kitchen to try and replicate the recipes (Prosciuitto Parma e Melone, Tira Misu, Gnocchi e salsa di Zafferano and Parmigiano Melanzana). We ate it all! Clara (our host and chef) was just awesome with her knowledge and polite disdain for anything but the traditional methods and ingredients.  I will do this again for sure.

Here’s a FB link to photos of our day…

Great cooking class with market tour today: last seasonal summer menu!

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