Day 11, 12 & 13 – Dublin

Mostly a travel day and didn’t encounter any ‘L’ roads. Getting back to the Thrifty rent-a-car drop point at the airport in Dublin raised some minor challenges – filling up our little Peugeot 308 before return was certainly a challenge!

Got an awesome Taxi Driver – full of ‘Yes Ma’am’, ‘yes sir’, ‘not sure if sir knows this’… He was so nice we booked him for the return trip to the airport in a couple of days.

Checked into the Trinity City Hotel – which was very nice indeed – if you like purple (which Louise does). Check out the groooooovy decor here:

We walked into Temple Bar for Dinner and had dinner at one of touristy-type restaurants and had a quite nice cottage pie.

On the way backLouise stopped to check on the Guarda who were comforting a passed out reveller – to see if they were doing it right. Fortunately the young woman was pink and breathing regularly and Louise was satisfied she was in good hands.

Some things we saw along the way included a sweets shop that sold ‘Runts’ and ‘Fluff’.

Tried to get a cappuccino on the way home, but the staff at Insomnia obviously don’t have it – the shop was closed and the staff were at home fast asleep.

Sunday the 20th saw us seek out Trinity College to view the Book of Kells and the old library.  This was a must see for us – and it didn’t disappoint.

In the afternoon, I took a tour of the Guiness storehouse whilst Louise did girlie things. The best part of the tour was watching our far east brothers and sisters trying to pretend they like Guinness at the various tastings.  The Gravity Bar provides an awesome 360′ view of Dublin and was a great way to finish the tour.

Pics here:

Took me 2.5 hours to get home on the bus – crowds from the gaelic football semi-final b/w Kerry and Mayo – it was a draw 2-14 to 2-14and the crowd was  ~80,000 – were streaming through the streets. It reminded me of the MCG after a big final; there was a real buzz in the air.

Neither of us felt like eating out – it was a big night and I’d had my fair share of Guinness, so we had dinner in the hotel bar and had an early night.

More random pics of Dublin here:

On Monday, our friendly taxi-driver showed up on time and took us to Dublin airport well in time for our flight Dublin-Brussells-Milan (Malpensa).

Not going to talk about this much, suffice to say (and here’s a bit of free advice). DON’T. EVER. CHOOSE. A. FLIGHT. PLAN. THAT. INCLUDES. A. STOPOVER. IN. BRUSSELLS.

We arrived at Malpensa at about 8.00pm and promptly had an airport coffee – nectar – and finally arrived in Rho at Auntie Romana’s house at 9.30.

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