Louise’s right of Reply re: driving around Ireland

Auntie Weeza Online 😎
Hello everyone, finally I get to use a bit of technology whilst Peter is otherwise being entertained with his second passion, BEER Tasting compliments of my cousin Max !!!!!

Abbreviations: ” Nora ” the name we gave to the female voice on his Mobile Phone that tells us what road to take 5 minutes after the turn.

I’m going to start on the Monday before we left, having already decided and packed the smallest suitcases we could find, Peter was adamant he didn’t need to use the Man Bag loaned to us by Baz….. So I had my bag, loaned from Marilyn, with our cabin bag full of of stuff and his heavy Back Pack ( which he couldn’t remember where he put things in anyway ) never even opened on any flight !!!!!!! Which all could have fitted in our suitcases anyway.
The Back Pack left no room for Peter’s feet on the plane and so we took turns. I also now had the Passports and tickets organised and ready to whip out at a seconds notice 👍👍👍 I know.

So friends, the end of this story is as I imagined, we have no Back Pack, no Travel bag, and my bag is now a Man Bag and holds everything we need safely…..all IPads, LapTop & associated x3 million attachments and cords are always in the suitcase……mind you” Principessa Louisa ” or Princess Louise was very lucky that Peter carried all of them anyway, because it was so hot the first few Days…. We are now like a well oiled machine in our packing, although Auntie Romana has her bedroom full of our shopping and unused bags….. We are going to have to buy a bigger suitcase for the trip home.

Nora played a big part in our journey that began in Ireland, initially I was confident that in today’s technology she would guide us safely to our destination without any problems……not knowing then that there were no street signs in Ireland…….as Peter mentioned the good old fashioned Map, (you know the coloured ones that show you where you really are ) was a million times more accurate than Nora, and Peter actually turned into streets using MY VOICE instead of that bloody lying Nora Bitch !!!!!!
I think most of you know that I am directionally challenged at the best of times, and this was no different….the L roads seemed to extremely confusing and with no Landmarks to speak of, a ” wonderful debate ” between Peter and I commenced ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Another issue arose to complicate our already escalating ” debate ” with Peter continually trying to negotiate with Nora, whist driving on those extremely narrow L Roads !!!! Did I mention the signs that directed him to slow down at blind corners, NOT, and NORA continually turning off, with Me trying not to add to his already alarming nervous demeanour ” YES Peter who is usually so cool calm and collected.
I tried to help by watching Nora’s green arrow, and found out later from Peter that it was going the wrong way !!!!!!
Luckily a MotorWay sign appeared out of the Blue…. Yippe, a Toilet, a Fag & Coffee and a Map saved the Day and we kissed and made up. Peter continued to trust in Nora….. Me, I had the Map which continued to keep me calm and was used pretty much from then on…..I’m sure Peter felt sorry for her, BUT ME, she’s a pice of crap !!!!!
We did manage to laugh about it all and had a wonderful time in Ireland, it was a Magical Place xxxx Louise

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