Dublin to Cork Day 3 (Friday)

Dubai to Dublin was indeed a long day.  It’s a bit of a blur so nothing to report on other than Louise has finally ben convinced that aisle seats are the way to go.

Picking up our hire car was not too much of a drama – and we managed to get out of Dublin on the M8 motorway headed towards Cork.  We stopped for Lunch at The Kilford Arms in Kilkenny and picked up some supplies for our travels.

Google maps let us down a bit in Cork when we arrived – declaring we had arrived at our destination when we could quite clearly see our hotel across the River Lee. Cork City Hall looked a bit grand for the likes of us. 

Side Note: Louise will be guest posting soon on my difficulties with drinking black coffee from takeaway cups.

Not long after our arrival, we met Tony and Dolly, Mary, Jack, and Eimer and Ruby in the foyer of the hotel for coffee. Coffee lasted about 5 hours.  

A big thanks to Eimer and Michael for taking me out on Friday night (after coffee with the fam). Photos below of Charlies Bar and The Phoenix

Dubai Airport

TIL in Dubai: a Ceathair cheese sandwich is a cheddar cheese sandwich. We’re in lounge before the lounge. It’s going to be a long day.

Day 1 of TBA (The Big Adventure)

Pretty quiet day today – just thawing out and spent a bit of time looking in and around Clarke Quay. The trip was pretty uneventful – other than the stupid (50+ something) woman in front of Louise who kept flicking her Shirley Temple hair over the back of the seat and in front of Louise’s screen. This was a massive issue because Louise couldn’t rewatch a whole bunch of Fixer Upper episodes.  I was not allowed to hack the offending hair off with a blunt Emirates butter knife.  

Anyhow, here’s some pickchas for you to hve a look at. (BTW, there won’t be many – if any – photos that have me or Louise as the subjects…)